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Expectations before and after Microblading sessions

Different clients will recover at different speeds, but generally speaking, the healing process can last between 4-6 weeks, subject to differences in body regeneration and age.  Before then, there are several phases that will take place. 

First, the pigment will look darker.  The eyebrows themselves will retain a very natural look as soon as the procedure is finished.  The color of the pigment is all that will appear darker. 

Over the course of the recovery period, brows may look mildly lighter than their initial appearance as a result of the skin regeneration process and natural peeling that occur, all of which is standard.  Similarly, as the healing proceeds, the skin begins to look drier or flaky, which also is normal as part of the process.  Typically, 30 days after the procedure, the final natural look of your eyebrows sets in, and clients usually return for a touch-up within 6 weeks of their previous appointment.  

It’s important to remember that you should never aggravate the treated area or disturb the skin from its healing process.  Furthermore, sun exposure could cause the color pigment to fade faster, so it’s necessary to apply sunscreen up to SPF 50 over your eyebrow area when exposed to the sun.  That said, the application of foundation over healed eyebrows is not recommended and will cause them to look lighter. 

What type of pigment does you use for Microblading?

Delphine Eyebrow Couture uses vegan, iron-oxide-based pigments that are safe and designed to gradually subside over time.  They are some of the safest and most respected around – on the market for 25 years and considered among the best and of the highest quality.  

How long will my Microblading last?

The answer will vary, and we typically see our treatments last between 8-12 months thereafter another touch-up is likely necessary.  Different factors, ranging from pigment color, skin type, age, etc., are what cause the variance.  For instance, oily skin will require clients to come more often for touch-ups.  And, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure his or her return before the 12-week mark.  Microblading is normally a 2-appointment process with a touch-up after 4-6 weeks; that’s particularly important to consider if you are traveling from other countries or states to receive a treatment.  Touch-ups after the 8-week mark will necessitate a different price in light of the additional work required.  Ultimately, it’s important to recognize that final results cannot ever be guaranteed. 


Am I a good candidate for Microblading?

Most people in need of a more full, natural eyebrow are welcome. Clients whose desired results may vary typically have:

  • Oily skin or large pores: increased oil production causes a lighter heal and slightly blurry strokes

  • Mature skin: age makes skin more delicate and thinner, which may cause faster fading or increased bleeding during procedure. 

  • Darker skin: less visible detail or less contrast may be a consequence for microblading on darker skin tones. 

  • Previously tattooed eyebrows: scar tissue or previous tattoos must be barely visible and will still affect pigment fading.  

Does Microblading hurt?

Microblading necessitates topical anesthetic to provide maximize comfort during the procedure. The procedure itself isn’t acutely painful for most, but different people have different pain tolerance levels; however, it isn’t recommended to receive treatment during a menstrual cycle because it increases sensitivity. 

What affects Microblading results?

There are a number of factors that could affect your microblading results, including:

  • Bleeding: excessive bleeding adversely affects the desired results, but fortunately, you can avoid substantial bleeding risks by following the pre-appointment instructions.

  • Sun exposure: Premature fading is also a result of sun exposure, which is why it’s alost important to apply sunscreen over your brows even after the healing process finishes. 

  • Color of pigment: Darker colors last longer than lighter colors, which fade more rapidly.

  • Smoking: Faster fade of the results is a consequence smokers face. 


What happens at my appointment?

Upon arrival, you will fill out consent forms, and then the procedure begins.  First, your brow area will receive topical anesthetic and be cleaned completely.  As the anesthetic takes effect, I will answer questions and discuss with you your desired outcome.  We will also review after-care instructions.  Once the numbing is finished, I will design your brows to suit your face in su mesure method that is bespoke and most natural to you – it’s the Couture quality and care I promise each client. After you approve the design, I will commence the microblading, applying additional numbing if necessary to ensure maximum comfort.  


How long does the procedure take?

Each Couture client is different, of course, but generally speaking the initial appointment is a dedication of two hours, subject to the treatment. 


Will permanent cosmetics change or look bad as I age?

Semipermanent makeup will fade over time, by design.  As a client’s face matures, my couture approach ensures that our solution accounts for that reality to personalize touch-ups for another youthful and bespoke design. 


Are there restricted activities during the healing period? 

Activities, like sports, that cause sweating, or trips to steam baths, saunas, facials, tanning salons or pools are not recommended until at least two weeks after the procedure. 

What is your lateness policy?

We institute a 25-minutes late policy. Please notify us well in-advance if you will be late for your couture appointment.   If more than 25 minutes late to your appointment, the $300 deposit will be forfeited and the appointment cancelled.  Another deposit will be required for a new appointment thereafter

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