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At Delphine Eyebrow Couture, I am committed to providing you with exceptional service and personalized attention during every appointment. Please take a moment to review my policies, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Merci for your trust!

Medical Questionnaire

To finalize your appointment, you will be required to fill out our Medical Questionnaire after booking: Completion of this form with accurate and detailed information is mandatory for legal and safety requirements. Failure to complete the form within 48 hours may result in the invalidation of your appointment.


To ensure a seamless experience, full payment is required when booking to secure your spot. Please note that payments are non-refundable and the outcome of treatments cannot be guaranteed due to individual variations in the healing and retention process.

Canceling, Late, or Missed Appointments

To provide every client with the best experience possible,  please let me know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. My service is by appointment only and cannot be delayed, as it would compromise my quality of service. There needs to be at least: 

  • Minimum one week notice for any appointment cancellations or rescheduling.

  • In the case of a cancellation with less than one week’s notice, a missed appointment, or arriving more than 10 minutes late, your payment will be forfeited and rescheduling will require a new appointment and payment.

  • In the case of a cancellation with less than 48 hours' notice due to illness, a doctor's note or confirmation of a positive COVID test result is required in order to reschedule without penalty. 

Aftercare Policy

To ensure the best outcome, it is crucial that you strictly adhere to the aftercare guidelines provided at the end of your initial appointment. I dedicate my time, focus, artistry, and expertise to deliver exceptional work, and I deeply appreciate your trust in my abilities.

Respecting my work also means honoring the aftercare instructions. Failure to do so may compromise the healing process and result in premature fading of your eyebrows. It's important to understand that I cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise from disregarding the aftercare guidelines.

I cannot stress enough the importance of following proper aftercare instructions for optimal healing and long-lasting results. By working together and adhering to the aftercare policies, we can maintain the quality of my work and achieve beautiful, long-lasting eyebrows that you'll love.


Previously Microbladed

If you have had previous work done on your eyebrows, such as laser, microblading, or tattooing, please submit a clear photo of your current eyebrows via email or text 917.833.2114 before scheduling an appointment with me. Let me know what you are hoping to achieve.

In certain cases, I will need to refer you to a dermatologist for laser treatments before I can work on your eyebrows. 

It is important to note that working on previously treated eyebrows usually requires more appointments and the results may not be as long-lasting or perfect as with untouched eyebrows. The presence of existing pigment and scarring can affect the final outcome and the longevity of the new work.

Together, we can discuss your specific situation and assess the feasibility of further work on your eyebrows. I devote my expertise and utmost effort to deliver exceptional results, but it's crucial that you have a clear understanding of the potential limitations and expected outcomes.

Your satisfaction and safety are my top priorities throughout this journey. Together, we can navigate the process and create beautiful eyebrows you'll love. 


No Additional VIsitors

For the best possible experience, please arrive alone and without any animals, kids, or guests. This is to ensure that there are no disruptions during your appointment and that I can focus solely on providing you with exceptional service. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Number of Sessions

My microblading technique is a meticulous process that requires patience and expertise. More pigment can always be added, but it can’t be removed if it is too heavy. That's why my innovative "less is more" technique is a gradual approach over several sessions to ensure that the best results are achieved and that the final look is natural, delicate, and timeless. Each client's journey is unique and requires varying levels of attention depending on various factors, such as hair loss, scarring, your skin, and how it responds to the treatment. Typically, you'll need multiple sessions before reaching the desired result. If you would like me to review your specific situation, please email or text 917.833.2114 with photos. 



My technique is semi-permanent so on-going touch ups are required to maintain the desired results. With my renowned approach in achieving a natural look, the color pigments will break down over time and the rate of skin cell regeneration will vary for everyone. The number of touch-ups per year will depend on your skin, lifestyle, and skincare routine. Following the aftercare guidelines is crucial to protect the results as best as possible.

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