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scalp micropigmentation

scalp  micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an incredible cosmetic, non-medical procedure that replicates hair follicles to create a natural and more full head of hair.  The treatment doesn’t require any downtime whatsoever, and you go about the rest of your day directly after completion.  It is a non-surgical solution to a problem many people experience.  


As I like to say, life is beautiful, but at times there are stressful periods; hair thinning or hair loss can often be a consequence of stress.  Certain illnesses, too, can cause hair loss of course, but no matter the reason, Scalp Micropigmentation can provide a denser appearance for thinning hair or even outright camouflage more substantive hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) before and after

A growing number of celebrities are increasingly utilizing this treatment to their benefit.  Helping cancer patients with this treatment will be my honor and privilege. 


The procedure itself involves the use of some of the latest advancements in Nano Technology within the cosmetic field; nano-tech needles are employed to insert micro-pigments into the scalp one-by-one.  This process is done by hand, and more important bespoke to each client. It is “sur measure” like all my work, and it is extremely comprehensive.  Before applying any strokes, we discuss at length the ideal approach to meet your needs and that of your head or existing hair. Together, we will determine the right stroke technique, needle size, color, and shade to create the best and most natural result.
The procedure itself is quite detailed, and requires anywhere from 2-6 hours, which can be split across multiple sessions.  Touch-ups are typically scheduled a week or two following the first appointment, although it’s possible a third treatment may be necessary six weeks later.  That said, directly after the initial treatment is finished, the results right then and there are usually amazing.
The natural and dense look achieved makes a night-and-day difference with a new hairline or fullness that will make you smile.  I look forward to sharing more, and creating stunning results for my clients.

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