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My signature lips beauty effect and shading treatment philosophy is centered around achieving a natural, subtle result that complements your unique features and personality. With a belief in "less is more," I use an innovative technique that allows me to create stunningly natural-looking lips that are personalized to each client. This treatment is carefully performed without any injections in order to achieve a more natural approach and result. Whether you're looking to correct lip tone or asymmetry, add a blush of color to your lips, add subtle definition and fullness, or simply enhance your natural beauty, I'm excited to work with you to create a final look that reflects your unique style and personality.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How should i prepare for my appointment?

Please note that if you have cold sores, we ask that you refrain from receiving a lip treatment or ensure you take the requisite medicines and antiviral prescriptions at least three days before and for ten days after the procedure.

What is the aftercare required?

After the lip procedure, it's essential to take special care of the treated area to ensure proper healing. Here are after-care instructions to follow:

  • It's crucial to let the first layer of lip cover post-treatment protect the pigment. Under no circumstances should you pick, touch or aggravate that layer. Once the cover subsides, you will see the delicate and light color take form. Two weeks later, the next color implanted will come about, and the natural look you desire will blossom. The healing process should complete, generally speaking, in five weeks from the initial procedure.

  • Keep the treated area clean and hydrated. Use a Q-tip with A&D ointment for the first 24 hours after the procedure, and check your lips every 30 minutes to see if re-applying the ointment is needed. Use clean Q-tips dipped in cool water to dab the treated area.

  • Do not wash, touch, rub, or aggravate the treated area for two weeks after the procedure.

  • Do not use mouthwash or toothpaste directly on the treated area for the first five days post-treatment, as they can remove the lip color.

  • Apply ointment on your lips when brushing your teeth, and use smaller amounts of toothpaste than usual.

  • Do not take showers or baths with excessive steam until two weeks after the treatment.

  • Do not use cosmetics or lipstick around the treated area for the first week. If you need to use lipstick, use a new one to avoid any issues.

  • No smoking for seven days.

  • Use a straw to drink liquids for the first five days.

  • Do not bite into food that may cause lip friction for the first five days.

  • Do not spend excessive time in the sun or water, including swimming, for the first two weeks post-treatment.


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