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Eva Whalen's Experience at Delphine Eyebrow Couture

Written by Eva Whalen, Publisher of Beauty News NYC, has been published in the New York Times, Bustle, the New Yorker's Culture Studio, and other media.

Are you ready for a spring and summer makeover after a long pandemic year? French transplant Delphine Breyne has officially debuted one of her life’s dreams: to provide couture beautifying services in New York City in a Parisian-style boutique setting.

So voila!, the new Delphine Eyebrow Couture salon is situated close to Central Park East on 68th Street near Fifth Avenue – and stepping into her elegant atelier is akin to taking a mini vacation in the 16th arrondissement in Paris.

Eyebrow Couture

Delphine is French, an international model, a micro-blading expert, and someone who is passionate about natural-looking permanent make-up and about making people feel happy with their appearance. With years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry to draw upon, she can immediately discern what shape, color, or form works best for each individual face and personal style.

After researching various methods for achieving lovely, natural-looking eyebrows, she discovered the subtle art of microblading and fell in love with the techniques and results of permanent makeup. She proceeded to study with some of the best make-up artists around the globe. She has certificates from two different continents and specializes in an individualized natural look, which she calls Eyebrow Couture.

Eyebrow Couture is always a personalized experience, just as Haute Couture is sur mesure – tailored uniquely to each client. You pay more for this personalization, but it is absolutely worth it since your face is your calling card to the world and arguably one of the most telling things about you. Just as dentistry requires expertise and even artfulness, so too does proper microblading. It’s an investment in quality, and in yourself.

You can return an expensive purse, but you cannot return your eyebrows — so do it right the first time to avoid regrets.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent method for a natural brow look. A super-fine pen deposits pigment into the skin, and each ultra-fine stroke appears to be a brow hair that blends in smoothly with your skin tone, color, and personal style. You can add shading to the treatment mix as well, to ensure that your brows look full. The results are the same as an understated, elegant brow pencil look.

A variety of services

Apart from Delphine’s specialty of eyebrow couture, she is also proficient in brow shading, scalp micro-pigmentation for those with hair loss, eyelash enhancement, lip shading for more symmetry as well as depth, color, and fullness (without injections!), a powder effect for the skin, and ultra-realistic areola micro-pigmentation for cancer survivors.

Personal experiences

Our Social Media Manager, Dillon Greenberger had her eyebrows contoured and couture-d at Delphine’s, and here are her results:

I also had my eyebrows microbladed. I was extremely skittish about the process since it’s semi-permanent, but I couldn’t possibly be happier with the end result. It gave my face a much-needed boost of definition and color, with a more polished, sophisticated appearance overall — especially when wearing masks all of time, since my eyes and eyebrows are often all that can can be seen of me.

It was not painful at all, my eyebrows look completely natural, and it was such a pleasure to meet Delphine in her gorgeous new salon. For the first few days, your eyebrows will look darker than the final result, but they never look unusual and to be honest, it’s actually pretty amazing to wake up in the morning and already look more put-together.

Philanthropy + BCA

Each month Delphine volunteers her skills and services for cancer patients. Four members of her family have had breast cancer, and her business is a way to help find a cure: a percentage of her profits are donated toward the global effort, too.

You deserve the best, so book an appointment to enjoy a bit of Paris in New York for a Spring renewal blossoming!


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