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Delphine on The Wellthy Healthy Life Podcast

We're thrilled to share Delphine's recent guest appearance on The Wellthy Healthy Life Podcast with Nicole Johnson. In this episode, "The Magic of Microblading with Delphine Breyne," Delphine talks about her incredible work helping clients who have experienced trauma leading to hair loss, such as cancer or alopecia. Her approach is all about connecting with her clients, listening to their stories, and helping them regain their confidence after difficult times.

Listen to the podcast to hear the insights and heartfelt stories Delphine shared about:

🎙️ Creating a Platform for Connection

Delphine shares her inspiring mission to build a platform that fosters genuine connections. She highlights how people who have gone through challenging situations, such as chemotherapy, serious illness, or surgery, can offer invaluable support and advice to others in similar circumstances. Often, we carry a heavy burden of shame and isolation because these are not easy topics to discuss. Nicole emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space where individuals feel seen and supported, which can lead to profound healing through shared stories and overcoming shame.

🎙️ 13-Year-Depression Survivor

Imagine enduring 13 years of depression and stress. Many people suffer in silence, feeling isolated and unseen. Delphine urges us to open our doors, hearts, and minds to listen to those around us—our neighbors, friends, family members, and even strangers. By fostering these connections, we can provide much-needed support and understanding to those who need it most.

🎙️ Connecting Through Compassion: The Key to Business Success

Delphine discusses the idea that compassion is not only a personal virtue but a crucial element of business success. She explains that in today's world, successful businesses are built on genuine connections. Taking the time to listen, help, and show compassion to people is essential. Delphine's own business journey is a testament to this principle—her success was driven by her ability to connect deeply with people, proving that compassion truly is a key ingredient in achieving business success.

Hear the full episode

Delphine's insights are a testament to the power of vulnerability, connection, and compassion. Listen now for the full episode, "The Magic of Microblading with Delphine Breyne" on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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