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My Personal Microblading Transformation

Since opening Delphine Eyebrow Couture, I've had the privilege of transforming so many of my clients' eyebrows. You've seen numerous before and after photos on our website and social media, but did you know I had a similar transformation myself?

Becoming an international model when I was young was an exciting journey, but it came with many realizations. Without makeup, people often asked, "Are you okay? You look tired. You look sick." When I put makeup on, I received comments like, "Wow, you look so different." It quickly became evident how eyebrows dramatically alter your appearance. I felt embarrassed by my faint and light eyebrows and didn't want to live life without makeup. My whole family, including my sisters and nieces, shared the same lack of confidence with their eyebrows.

Take a look at my eyebrows before and after:

Determined to find a solution, I began researching my options to enhance my eyebrows. When I learned about microblading, I realized it was the answer I had been seeking. However, even though I was careful in choosing the right artist to do my eyebrows, I wasn't happy with the outcome. My initial reaction was disappointment and worry. For two weeks, I didn't want to go outside because my brows looked big and too dark. The color was too dark, even after the healing process.

That was when I realized there was a need for a more conservative and natural approach in microblading. It became my mission to specialize in natural "less is more" French girl brows. I dedicated myself to honing my skills under the guidance of the world's best artists and earned certifications from three different countries, including specialized training in Ukraine.

My signature Eyebrow Couture style is all about creating bespoke, natural looks that fit the look of each person. You can always add more color, but you can't take it away, which is why I use a conservative approach to ensure no one is ever uncomfortable seeing their results in my atelier.

I hope hearing my story will inspire you to make a change so you can start loving your eyebrows as well. If you have ever been worried about getting microblading done, please reach out and I will ensure you will feel comfortable every step of the way.

Embrace the transformative power of microblading and discover what I can do for you. Beauty is about feeling confident and embracing your natural self.


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