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The Ethel: Where in the World Did My Eyebrows Go?

Written by Ronni Gordon

Recently, a new challenge presented itself: The hair at the end of each of my eyebrows have thinned out. The array of choices for achieving beautiful eyebrows can be a little overwhelming, but they are worthy of our attention.

Brow pencils work well in the case of hair that has thinned or disappeared, which happens with age. To fix my partial eyebrows, which make me look surprised, I tried extending the gel onto my skin. But it didn’t look natural. So I went to Sephora and bought powder. That appeared too dark and made me look like Groucho Marx.

For those tired of daily eyebrow maintenance, enter microblading, which is cosmetic tattooing with a special tool. This can be permanent or semi-permanent, so buyer beware. It is also crucial to have a licensed and experienced practitioner do the procedure.

I’m going to consider what New York and Paris brow artist Delphine Breyne told me: “When it’s too heavy, it doesn’t look natural. You should go lighter, or else it would make you [look] severe. Don’t make [the line] too long, too thick or too dark.”

Here’s another option Breyne recommends: “When you go to the hair salon, they can dye your eyebrows.”

At my last appointment, my stylist said I had enough dark in my brows to stick with the gel brush. She waxed my eyebrows (a first for me), and she advised that when the hair started to grow back, I would have a contour to tweeze around. As for the missing ends, I got the microblade pen, and so far, so good — and way better than my brows with Just for Men.


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