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The List: How To Tackle Changes In Your Eyebrows As You Age

Let's face it, we all get a little older each day we wake up. It's inevitable. Since we cannot change this life factor, we must embrace it.

While some may not realize it, eyebrows undergo several changes as we age. This can include thinning and discoloration. Eyebrows tend to shed strands due to decreased testosterone and estrogen in men and women. This decline typically begins in the 40s, a pivotal time when people become more conscious of their years.

Microblading can work wonders for fading brows

For fading brows, microblading works wonders. Sun exposure can play a role in your brows vanishing, which is why microblading is ideal for these issues. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that uses a tiny needle to lightly puncture the skin underneath the brows. The microblading needle deposits a small amount of ink onto the skin in the shape of an eyebrow. Depending on how well your skin reacts to the ink, you may require several treatments to achieve the desired results unless you'd prefer a more natural look.

Delphine Breyne, the founder of Delphine Eyebrow Couture, uses a light technique that does not involve too much tinting. The results are flawless and not too dark, making the hairs appear healthy without too much arching. What makes this option a popular one is how long it lasts.

Determine exactly why your eyebrows are disappearing

While brow changes come with getting older, it's important not to deduce this issue to age. In some cases, there could be medical disorders causing your dwindling brows that you shouldn't ignore.

Several skin conditions can thin eyebrows. These include atopic and contact dermatitis, both of which cause uncomfortable inflammation. Either can halt eyebrow hair growth, possibly removing your brows forever. One form of alopecia, frontal fibrosing alopecia, can also cause your brows and eyelashes to evaporate rapidly.

If your brows suddenly begin to thin out or go away altogether, you must consult with a doctor. Your overall well-being is more significant than simply resorting to beautification means. Yes, your esthetician can offer great tools to restore your usual brows, but you should make sure your health comes first.

A full and visible brow is considered a sign of youth and beauty. Therefore, it's only fitting to have concern for them as you mature. Thankfully, the beauty industry offers multiple solutions to keep your confidence intact.


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