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World-Renowned Eyebrow Microblading & Restorative Makeup


Bonjour! As the founder of Delphine Eyebrow Couture, I have created a unique "Paris in New York" experience at my atelier.


With 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and a specialty in the French conservative aesthetic, my artistry offers timeless eyebrows through a unique semi-permanent technique.


My expertise is in restorative beauty and transformative makeup to create remarkably delicate and natural-looking eyebrows.

My work is bespoke and custom to each person to enhance their natural beauty. I want to help you feel like yourself and effortlessly chic.

Delphine Breyne, world-renowned eyebrow microblading and restorative makeup artist
Relax in our beautiful Paris in New York atelier

What is eyebrow couture?

My specialization is a natural look, always personalized, the same way Haute Couture is sur mesure, tailored to each client.  Each person is unique, and each need is different. My goal with this technique is simple: to help people feel better and more confident about themselves – as I like to say, your smile makes me happy.

Paris in New York

9 E 68th Street

New York, NY


Delphine offers a wide range of microblading and micropigmentation services, each one crafted with her innovative techniques and unparalleled methodology. Whether you're looking to wake up each day looking refreshed, want to reclaim your natural beauty, or simply save time in your busy morning routine, Delphine will work with you to help you achieve your unique goals.


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I had an amazing experience with Delphine. She was knowledgeable and courteous. My eyebrowns came out great and they look natural. I would totally recommend her.


Amazing service and beautiful results! If you want amazing microblading, go here, without a doubt. Delphine was very informative, nice, and extremely attentive to detail.


I got my eyebrows done by Delphine. I really recommend her, she is very careful with your the harmony of you own expectation. Definitely a great experience.


This is place to go for the best microblading in New York!! Delphine was patient, gentle and created amazing custom natural looking browns for me! I'm so happy.


Before & After Microblading Eyebrow Correction

Come for a consultation for your permanent makeup needs

After an unsatisfying experience with microblading at another studio, this client turned to Delphine for her expertise and subtle "less is more" approach.


Discover how Delphine's innovative microblading technique was able to help the client achieve the stunning, natural-looking eyebrows that she had been searching for.

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